Fast approaching is a time of digital renaissance, where augmented reality headsets used for every day tasks from grocery shopping to paying bills are worn casually while we huddle around our phones to check the next hottest piece of digital real estate and who, if a person, not a corporation, owns said real estate. It sounds like a dystopian future you would find in a game like Cyberpunk2077, but I assure you it is fast approaching.

Both the thought of using a virtual headset in a real world situation as well as purchasing real estate you can’t actually use or inhabit, only trade and possess, sounds like a satirical horror sci-fi novel you picked up in the Young Authors section of you local Barnes and Noble, but with things like Facebook’s and Google’s Metaverse filling the headlines and cypto prices fluctuating negatively daily. Investors and cyrpto maniacs alike are flocking to purchase virtual real estate which only so much as seals our Augmented Reality future-fate. 

The popularity of digital assets and artwork increases the need and want for an augmented reality space to utilize these assets and pieces of art. Think second life, but real life mixed with virtual life. This may seem like it is only a game but with the success and integration of AR into the recreational aspects of our lives, it is only a matter of time before it is integrated into our day to day lives. In the near future you will need AR glasses to even see prices at the grocery store or to pay for your coffee in the morning. Some fear this change, some welcome it. Regardless of which side you are on, the future is all but inevitable. Here is some articles that go over the current and future applications of AR technology. 

Now let’s move on to the fun stuff, as of right now there are a few sites offering different ways to buy real estate. Currently you can buy “squares” of digital land represented on a real satellite globe where you pan around selecting squares to view the price and coordinates. These sites are backed up with unique tokes like NFTS although the technical side is a tad different but I wont bore you with that. Basically there will only be able to be one owner per square, as of right now the squares are cheap in most places. But once all the land is bought, the prices will start driving into the thousands for land you paid pennies to dollars for overnight. It is the next digital gold rush. Now is the time to get in, I am in no way a paid spokes person for any company involved in the sale of digital real estate(although that would be super cool). I am simply writing an opinion piece on my blog. 

The reason I bring all this is up to warn, and prepare others for a future that is fast approaching. The idea of the article is to show you the connection between the internet and the real world and how these things will be applied to real world things. Thank you for reading! 

– Binx